18/06/2021 12:00 - 13:30

Webinar: Vulnerability in maritime business


Doelgroep: Maritime business


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The legal perspective: corruption

The Dutch maritime sector is a sector that is of increasing interest for the Dutch Prosecution Service, as the former operates worldwide and Dutch companies frequently are key players in (large) projects abroad.

During these projects Dutch companies can encounter ways of doing business that differ from accepted business practices. If a Dutch public prosecutor is made aware of (perceived) irregularities, this can lead to excessive fines.


Emiel de Joode (Ten Holter Noordam) and Erik Witjens (Mount Law) will give a presentation that incorporates two distinct perspectives. Erik Witjens will describe why maritime companies are vulnerable to accusations of corruption. He will illustrate this with well-known cases and will explain flaws in day to day operations that could eventually lead to prosecution.

Emiel de Joode will follow this up with a number of – even more important – insights in how to deal with project personnel entangled in these kinds of activities, and how to manage and prevent these risks in an organization.

Moderation by Prof.Dr. Richard Staring of the Erasmus School of Law.

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