11/06/2020 16:00 - 17:00

Webinar Macro Economics and Ports


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RMSC focuses on the macroeconomic impact of COVID-19

During the third RMSC webinar industry experts Albert Jan Swart and Onno de Jong will zoom in on the macroeconomic impact of COVID-19 on logistics networks and ports.

Albert Jan Swart, sector economist of ABN AMRO will share his macroeconomic view on supply chains and how they are affected by the corona crisis. Afterwards, former RMSC manager Onno de Jong, senior consultant at Ecorys will connect this to the port and hinterland connections.

Various learning points will be discussed; the speakers are looking forward to interact with the audience on topics such as the closure of borders, limitations of free trade, that will have a substantial impact on production and logistics, and the growing role of the governments in the industry.

Get up to speed and learn more about these topics

Raymond Ko, boardmember of RMSC and parter at Marstrat will host and moderate the webinar.

If you have exciting statements or questions, please send them in advance, so we might be able to incorporate them into the program!

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