24/03/2021 12:00 - 13:00

Autonomous Shipping – the maritime business services perspective


Doelgroep: Maritime Services - Shipowners - Shipbuilding - Insurance - Legal Advice


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Autonomous shipping, remotely controlled vessels, artificial intelligence in the maritime industry, all buzz-words with more real life cases than you might have thought.

The Rotterdam Maritime Services Community partners up with the Netherlands Smart Shipping Forum (SMASH!) on a project for autonomous inland ferries. Consequently, the idea was born for the next webinar where the maritime business services explain their role in the development of remotely controlled or even autonomous vessels.

In the studio of SMASH, innovation manager Marco Scholtens will welcome two RMSC members; Sonja van Wijk of insurance company MS Amlin and Willemijn Putz of law firm Boonk van Leeuwen.

Autonomous Shipping - the maritime business services perspective


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